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Free Pixel Art Icon Image PixelGaro - English edition -

version 1.0

Wellcome to the World of Pixel Art♪

Here is a pixel art icon image that you can use for free!

Covers a wide range of genres from sports to music, national flags, and historical figures.

There are about 10,000 pixel art icon images.

Of course! These images are free to use.

ドット絵 icons ドット絵 icons
Prohibited matter PixelGaro Japanese Edition Menw

Pixel Art Images (32×32px over) about 7,500 pieces

Mini Pixel Art Images (16×16px main) about 2,900 pieces

Minimum Pixel Art Images (12×12px over) about 370 pieces

Prohibited matter

PixelGaro prohibits the following acts as illegal acts. Please be sure to comply with all site users.
In addition, PixelGaro prohibits the use of images and links on the following websites.


Special Thanks Google Translate♪